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Stillbirth & Miscarriage Support

Every loss is different and there is no right way to feel, but for some women the experience can be a devastating one, and the pain of loss difficult to bear. Miscarriage and stillbirth can continue to impact the daily lives of those involved for months or even years.
Sometimes it's difficult to open up to friends and family and even when we do, they're not always able to find the right words of comfort. As a result grieving parents can feel isolated

Choices is your space to talk about painful and difficult feelings following stillbirth or miscarriage, whether recent or many years ago. We can help you work through your feelings and come to terms with your experience.
The support we offer is free, confidential and flexible. Most appointments last an hour and are weekly but we do our best to adapt to our clients' needs. During an initial appointment clients will be introduced to the programme we offer, giving them the opportunity to decide if it's something they think will be helpful to them.

"Nothing seemed to make sense, but then I came to the centre and I felt safe and able to openly allow all the hurt and sadness pour out."

"The support given to me and the pace the programme was delivered were excellent and tailored to my needs."

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