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Post Termination Support

​After a termination many women feel distressed and upset, but don't know where to turn for help. For some this may happen immediately following the procedure.  For others these emotions may only surface years later.

Sharing these feelings with others can be difficult and even with supportive friends and family around them, women can often feel weighed down and alone.

Choices is your space to talk. We offer a one-to-one support programme which can help you work through your feelings and come to terms with a termination.

The support we offer is free, confidential and flexible. Most appointments last an hour and are weekly but we do our best to adapt to our clients' needs. During an initial appointment clients will be introduced to the programme we offer, giving them the opportunity to decide if it's something they think will be helpful to them.

"Just having someone to talk to has helped me deal with all my issues, even those that were the most painful."

"The programme truly has helped me to deal with all the issues and pain that stemmed from my abortion and I now feel able to begin to move on with my life."

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